Transitioning to Vegan: What you need to do FIRST!

Making a lifestyle change can be pretty daunting, but that is mainly because you focus on what you are losing, rather than what you are gaining. You’ve also may have never been educated on this lifestyle, as you are only eating what you know. Let’s make one thing clear, just because you grew up doing it and your family did it, does not make it right.  If you can tweak your outlook just a little bit and focus on making one change at a time, your transition to eating plant based will be smooth and natural. Below I will provide you with some resources to get you going. It’s highly important that you educate yourself FIRST, before jumping into this lifestyle. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a whirlwind of confusion, overwhelmed and ready to quit. Let’s do this together!


Now, here is what Veganism can do for you from a Medical standpoint:

·         Reverse type 2 diabetes

·         Correct cardiovascular disease

·         Reverse hypertension

·         Weight loss

·         Reverse cancer

·         Lower percentage of Body fat

·         Prevent premature death


Listed below are some documentaries that I absolutely recommend you to watch, so that you can truly grasp the understanding of how the food today is killing you. Literally, killing you!



Why Vegan? (my favorite):  




Forks Over Knives

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

What The Health




(If you don’t have Netflix, you may also be able to find these on YouTube)



VeganSociety: Why go Vegan?

10 arguments against veganism (

All about Veganism:


Find your WHY, and stick to it:

I started my lifestyle change after my Aunt Patricia passed away from Cancer in 2015. I pretty much got tired of my family members dying preventable deaths. You have so much control over your health than you even realize. My WHY is to motivate my family, friends and strangers to start making better choices when it comes to their health. I want you to be able to experience the benefits of living a Plant Based lifestyle, and also be proud about the impact that you will have on your own life, as well as others.  What’s your WHY?