Miracle Food Monday - Walnut Meat

If you’re wanting to give up ground beef for your tacos, then this may help!

This recipe can be used for anything that you would use ground beef on. Tacos, nachos, wraps, spaghetti, etc. Since I made this recipe raw, it may be a little crunchier. You can try making this right after soaking them while they’re soft. You can also cook it down as well! See below for the recipe. Keep in mind, I did not use any measurements, so you may need to play around with the flavor for your liking!

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FREE SHIPPING using the code SHIP at checkout.


Sun-dried tomatoes

Sea salt

Garlic or garlic powder

Chili powder


Coconut Aminos

Grind up walnuts in a food processor until crumbly.

Add ground walnuts to a bowl. Add all seasonings and mix well.

THAT’S IT! Add to your favorite meal and enjoy :)

Brittany Sade1 Comment