How to Love yourself through your set-backs

When making any lifestyle changes, it’s common to have setbacks and fall into your old habits. Things like stressful days at work, relationship issues, social issues, can cause you to cave in to bad habits that you are working so hard to break. Going back to these feelings and old habits are normally because that’s what we know and what makes us feel comfortable. These toxic habits are NOT the answer, otherwise you wouldn’t be working so hard to break them. From there, many tend to stay because they feel “since I’m here, I might as well continue to make the same decisions that I’ve been making and I’ll start over some other time.” Many others beat themselves up so terribly and talk down on themselves because of these simple mistakes. I’m here to remind you that you’re human, and IT’S OKAY.

I want to also remind you to continue loving yourself through your setbacks. At the end of the day, it is you that will have to live with the changes you are looking to make! While it’s important to let others know your goals so that they can hold you accountable, there will be some times that you are doing this work on your own, so it’s important that you become your best motivator and friend through your lifestyle changes.  These changes are always ongoing, and they’ll never end, and you must love yourself through each phase. Patience is key. Love is necessary. Discipline is skill.

What to do when you feel these old habits creeping back up.

  1. Firstly, love yourself and forgive yourself. Remind yourself that you’re human (because we often times forget). Observe exactly what it is that is causing you to fall into these setbacks and learn from this lesson. Building new habits take work and observation!

  2. While on the path of purifying your life, if you fall off and find yourself stressing, going back to old habits, etc then DO NOT carry any guilt with you for these fall backs. Just simply hop back on to your path and AFFIRM YOUR WELLNESS. Be observant of what made you fall off, be patient and find ways to battle what caused you to fall off in the first place. This might take a while, so please please please be patient with yourself.

  3. Drink an herbal laxative, drink some vegetable juices/ smoothies and plenty of water. This will put you back on track and balance within. The more you continue to correct yourself when you fall off, the easier it will be to get it together, and stray less.

  4. See past any negative feedback from the people closest to you. When you’re living a lifestyle that the majority of the people you know do not live, you’re likely to receive feedback that might not be so positive. They won’t take the time out to understand what you’re going through and what you’re doing, however this life is not for them to live. It’s for you.

Summer is almost here, and I love doing  some type of detox at the beginning of each season. If you have ever done a detox or any type of strict dieting, you know how hard it can be. This helps me to focus and strengthen discipline within myself, so that I can continue my journey of growth and healing within myself. Remembering these tips has always helped me when I ever fell off track, and I hope they can help you too. What would you add to this list? Please comment below:


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