6 step night routine for a productive morning

It’s no secret that routines are needed when it comes to getting our lives in order, right? Especially routines that start your morning and end your day. In my opinion, these are the most beneficial to help set the tone for the day ahead.

I know you’re probably thinking “what does my night routine today have to do with tomorrow?” You’ll see below with my personal night routine, but in short, these habits you create before bed will help you sleep better and prevent mental fatigue in the morning.

  1. Put your phone away an hour before bed.

    Yes, I know you can’t live without it, but it will be there in the morning when you wake up. I promise! Allowing your body to start settling and getting ready for bed will play a huge part in you being able to get good QUALITY sleep at night. Electronic devices emit BLUE LIGHT which decreases melatonin that allows you to get healthy sleep. Try replacing your phone with a book to read or relaxing music to listen to before bed. This will make a world of a difference for you.

  2. Create a beauty routine for yourself.

    Wash the dead skin or the makeup off your face, brush your teeth. Oil your scalp, or whatever it is that you do at the end of the day. I know, it’s a pain sometimes, but your skin and oral health will thank you in the long run.

  3. Plan the next day ahead.

    This has been so KEY for me to have a successful day. Having my day planned out will prevent me from having thoughts like “I know I’m supposed to be doing something, but what am I supposed to be doing?” Not knowing what you’re supposed to do can also cause mental fatigue, as well as frustration, depression and anger. If you want to get real technical, plan out your day hour by hour, and you will then also see where you are wasting time.

  4. Pick your clothes out for the next day.

    Just like our mother used to do when we were little, she did this for a reason! This will help you save time from having to figure out what you want to wear for the day. Even if you aren’t going anywhere! Also prevents you from having to use unnecessary energy. You know that feeling when you get so frustrated trying to find an outfit to wear and nothing looks right? This can be prevented, and that energy can be used towards something else much more important.

  5. Read your goals.

    THIS! Reading your goals every evening and morning can ensure that you stay focused and aligned. Sometimes we get so thrown off of what we are supposed to be doing and it sets us back unnecessarily. Reviewing your goals constantly can help you with visualizing how things will be after you achieve them, which is a really powerful technique and brain hack.

  6. Write in your journal.

    Sometimes when we can’t sleep, it may be because we have so much on our mind, about what happened that day or what has been troubling us for some time. Writing it all down and getting it out of your head and help you with sleeping better at night. Reflecting on your day in a journal that is a space for you and you only, can bring you internal peace.

I hope that these were helpful for you! If you have any other things to include, please add them below. I’d love to hear!