Healing with a Macrobiotic Diet

Many of you may or may not know, that I moved from my hometown of Virginia to Houston Texas to help take care of my mother who was experiencing issues with Multiple Sclerosis. After being flooded out by Hurricane Harvey, she decided that she didn’t want to be there anymore and wanted to move back to the East Coast, so we traveled back and now reside in North Carolina. This has been a long uphill battle somewhat in trying to heal Multiple Sclerosis. But in the midst of this journey, we have healed many other things, such as issues with protein spilling in her urine (from kidney issues) and weight loss, and stabilizing her blood sugar. We have experienced diets from Alkaline, to raw vegan (each super helpful), however I believe that each phase of healing requires change, which is what we are continuously working on as we modify our diet (always plant based of course, with the exception of some fish that she eats from time to time).

A quick briefing on what Multiple Sclerosis is: It’s a debilitating and progressive disease that attacks the spinal cord, the brain and the nerves and muscles. Lesions form on the brain and the spine, causing issues with mental fog, speech impairment, confusion, sever fatigue, mobility and neurotic function. My mother has experiences with daily pain, unable to walk far on her own and spends most of her time in a wheelchair, however she doesn’t let this break her spirit or keep her from getting around. I’m so thankful for that!

An old picture my sister found before my mother was diagnosed with MS

An old picture my sister found before my mother was diagnosed with MS


I stumbled across a book from a local metaphysical shop that discusses the healing benefits of a Macrobiotic diet, which focuses heavily on a diet using mostly vegetables, root vegetables, sea vegetables, vegetable drinks, pickled foods in several servings throughout the day. Read more about it here: https://draxe.com/macrobiotic-diet/  This diet is said to provide maximum amounts of minerals to a body in need of healing, but is very strict healing phases. No eating junk foods, or anything else outside of the provided diet or you will set back the healing (which is basically any diet you are trying to heal on). Here is an example of a full days worth of eating:


Miso soup, Seaweed Dish, Greens, Porridge, Tea


Soup, Grains, Greens, Root Vegetable Dish, Beans, Pickled dish, Seaweed Dish, Tea


Millet soup, Nashimi Root Vegetable dish, Arame with Vegetables, Pressed Salad, Steamed Greens

I feel pretty confident that eating this way will help my mother with healing, as another book I read by Dr. Wahls (a doctor who healed her MS) has a similar protocol, except this macrobiotic plan is without having to eat organ meats such as Dr. Wahls suggest. My mother has been practicing a mostly plant based lifestyle and was opposed to eating as Dr. Wahls suggested. I’ll be doing some travel this week for charity work, and as soon as i return I plan on implementing Macrobiotic eating full force, following the meal plan strictly.  I am sharing this with you for accountability, and will share our results several months after incorporating this into our daily lifestyle. I will also be participating in eating this way as well to see if I also experience any healing benefits from eating this way.


Here is the name of the book: The Cure is in The Kitchen- A Guide to Healthy Eating by Sherry A Rogers, M.D.

Have you had any experience with healing an autoimmune disease? Please share your experience below.



MISO soup recipe I tried from the book  

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