What is Food Waste and How We Can Stop It

Happy Earth Day!

$162 billion dollars a year of money wasted on food gone bad. How many times have you went to the grocery store, came home and put your groceries away, only to find that your produce went bad several days later before you could even touch it? Imagine that hard earned money you worked for growing a pair of legs and jumping right into the trash. That’s really what’s happening when we waste food unnecessarily. This is particularly upsetting, being that there are millions of people who are food insecure (meaning they don’t have access to fresh, wholesome foods). 

So how does this impact you? 

Not only is your money being wasted, but billions of wasted food items are sent to landfills, which rots and produces methane gases into the environment. This contributes to climate change.  


Here are ways ways we can reduce food waste: 

1. Shop for what you need ONLY! Meal prepping will save you so much time and decrease mental fatigue when it comes to figuring out what to eat. 

2. Store your food properly. Click here to see which items should and should not be refrigerated.

3. Keep your fridge clean. Knowing what you already have will prevent you from buying unnecessary food items that you don’t need.  

4. Blend your foods! If you have a hard time getting in your daily amount of fruits and vegetables, blend them up for a refreshing smoothie. You’ll notice your amount of greens and herbs being used rather than being thrown away. 

5. Freeze your food. If you notice that food is about to go bad, make sure to clean it and store in your freezer in a freezer safe container. This is for either fruits or vegetables. This will not only save food and money from being wasted, but also your time when you’re short of it.

6. Compost. If you have a garden, turn your scraps into compost to give back to the earth!

7. If you know for sure that you won’t be using some food items, please give them to someone in need. Better them than the trash.  

How will you do your part to ensure your food doesn’t continue to go to waste? Doesn’t it feel good to know that you’re doing your part to maintain good health of the environment? 


Brittany SadeComment