Okay, so you've made up your mind about making some major changes in your life, specifically your health. You've been fighting yourself, going back and forth and asking "am I ready to do this?" OF COURSE YOU'RE READY! That's why you're here! First, let's start by changing your mindset. Instead of making excuses and telling yourself why you CAN'T make these wonderful changes, follow these steps below....and no cheating! Do them in order :)

Do these in order...no cheating :)

1. Out loud, tell yourself "I love myself, and I am ready to make some changes in my life that will better me as a person."

2. Write down your goals. What do you want to accomplish with your health?

3. Also write down what you think has been holding you back from accomplishing your health goals

4. Do you believe in yourself? (answer yes) :)

5. Do you see a change for the better? (answer yes)

6. Start tracking your goals.. (see below)

Simply Plant Based Ebook
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Simply Plant Based Ebook

These are recipes that I ate as I made my transition into veganism. I lost weight, my skin cleared up, my energy improved, and I didn’t have to sacrifice my taste buds to do so. So happy to share them with you!

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Photo by  Brad Neathery

Photo by Brad Neathery

I want you to turn your life around just as bad as you do. Sometimes, we can't do it without someone or something holding us accountable. Use this journal as a tracker to help you stay on top of your lifestyle goals!

BOOM. That's it! You have now put out into the universe what you want to do. Now, let the universe meet you halfway. :) 


Prepare for things to change

Things I have experienced since changing my lifestyle:

· Better sleep

· Positive attitude

·Clearer and glowing skin

  • New opportunities

·Increased energy

·Longer, stronger, shinier hair and nails

·Lighter and shorter menstrual cycles (sorry fellas)

·Random burst of extreme euphoria

· No joint pain

· Weight loss

·  Swollen hands and feet with no explanation from the doctors that have disappeared

· More focus and clarity

·Increased level of compassion

· Feeling ‘lighter’

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished
— Lao Tzu