How to Have a Spa Experience When You Are Short on Cash

Let’s admit, that sometimes we fall on hard times and don’t have any extra money to spend, OR we just simply want to save money! Nothing feels better than getting pampered, but you may not want to spend the money on it today. This doesn’t mean that you can’t experience a spa experience overall. Check out these DIY specialties that I personally use when I want to feel pampered without dishing out the extra cash.  

NOTE: I also loooove putting on something nice to make me feel sexy and feminine ;).  


Tea and Journaling

My favorite time to journal is early in the morning between the hours of 4-6 AM. During this time, I have peace and quiet to myself, and also if I have any dreams I write them out and pick it apart for any hidden meanings. Does anyone do this?

If I don’t have any dreams to write about, I write what I am grateful for, whatever is on my mind or review my goals.  

Turmeric Face mask

1 tablespoon turmeric  

2 tablespoons lemon juice  

1 teaspoon olive oil  

mix into a bowl and apply to clean face. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and rinse.

BEWARE: turmeric stains very easily, even your skin. Please be mindful if you are putting on any light colored clothing after using this mask.  

this mask is so simple, yet so amazing.  


Bentonite Clay bath

We all need this! If you don’t know all of the healing benefits about bentonite, I’m about to tell you in the shortest amount of words possible. Bentonite is a healing clay that draws and pulls out toxins. With bentonite in your  bath, it will soak up the toxins up like a sponge! Use bentonite in your bath for a relaxing and detoxing experience. Add your favorite essential oil for an enhanced experience.

1 cup bentonite clay  Click Here for the best brand.

Epsom salt (do not use if you have blood pressure issues)

couple drops of essential oil. (My personal favorite is either lavender or frankincense and myrrh) 

You can do this two ways. Mix the bentonite and water into a thick consistency to rub onto your body, then soak in the tub. Or you can mix the clay and water in a separate bowl until it is a water like consistency and then distribute it throughout your bath. Make sure you DO NOT mix with a metal spoon or whisk, as metal pretty much deactivates the healing powers of the clay. NOTE: Try using a hair net or anything to catch the clay from going down the drain, so that it does not clog.

Light some candles and put on some relaxing music. Let all of your troubles, stress and worries disappear down the drain.

Hydrate with coconut water or cucumber water afterwards

Avocado Banana Hair mask

-If you’re having troubles with dull and dry hair, this mask will be your best friend. Both avocado and banana are incredibly hydrating to the hair and skin! This can also be used as a face mask! You will need a blender for this one, because if you just mash with a fork, you’ll be left with clumps of food in your hair. I’m telling you from experience, it’s NO FUN to try washing out.

1 banana  

1 avocado  

1/2 cup olive oil  

blend well and apply to damp hair.  

Let it sit for 30 mins then rinse. 

Self Massage and Reflexology

- One of my all time favorite acts of self love, is a massage. I like to take my time with this one! Not only am I rubbing away any stress from a long day, I’m also assisting my body with moving lymph to the right places and out of my body. Reflexology is the art of healing the body through the feet. Our feet are the map to our bodies and  connected to different organs. Taking care of your feet is more than just receiving a pedicure, as reflexology can help alleviate stress and muscle tension in the body. I like to perform these when I finish a shower. For extra relaxation, I add a couple drops of essential oil, like lavender.

Here are  videos that I like to follow for me to do this at home:

self massage:

Foot reflexology: 

I hope your spa day at home was successful, and relaxing! I hope you also saved yourself over $100 worth of treatments by showing yourself some self love today. Let me know how you do your at home spa days in the comments!

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