The power of fruit on your skin

My beautiful friend Marina Chavez that I met here in Houston told me about how she rubs fruit on her skin and doesn't use soap. She technically hasn't had your typical shower in 6 months...6 MONTHS! When she first told me this, I didn't understand it and had sooooo many questions for her. "How?" "Why?" "HUH?!" I had no doubts that her method of cleansing was something that I needed to do. After all, she reversed her autoimmune issues, is 52 years old and looks younger than most 40 year olds. This picture of her and I do no justice at all on how vibrant and lively she is. A beautiful soul at the least. Check out her youtube video about fruit rubbing on your face.

So I started giving this a try. Everyday I rubbed my body down with fruit peels. Everything from oranges, to mangoes, banana peels and strawberries. Most days when I wake up, my skin is unsightly dry. The first night I did it, I woke up the next day with legs that weren't dry and flaky. So I ran to the bathroom and rubbed more fruit on my skin. Over time, I saw that dry skin isn't the only thing that rubbing fruit on has helped. I had a skin condition called Keratosis pilaris (I self diagnosed myself, lol) and it caused my skin to have these hideous, dark, raised hair bumps on my thighs...(shoutout to waxing my legs, which I will never do again) One day I woke up, and saw that they were damn near gone. WHAT?! When I googled it, I read that it was just something you have to live with. (I hate the internet sometimes LOL) The fact that they were practically not even visible anymore had me running back to the bathroom and making fruit concoctions to rub on my skin. I'm probably obsessed at this point with fruit rubbing (yeah, I just made that up) I rarely use soap, and when I do use it, I notice that it dries my skin out. So here is exactly what I do:

I rub the fruit on my skin. My favorite right now is the mango. It melts and feels so smooth when applied to the skin. Almost like a Shea butter. After rubbing all over (even my face), I let it sit for about 5 minutes, then hop in the shower and rinse off. Sometimes I will just wipe off with a wet rag. While my skin is still damp, I rub myself down in coconut oil, or sometimes a mixture of oils and relax for the rest of the day. 

When I walk around, I can smell myself and it's so therapeutic! Especially when I use strawberries on my face. I can smell them pretty much all day, and it brings a sense of relaxation to me. If you ever do try this, please leave a comment and let me know how you like it. 

DISCLAIMER: Please do not do this if you have any food allergies. Consult with your doctor if you have any questions in regards to your own skin. I can only share what has worked for me. Otherwise, if you are all set to go, enjoy this at home spa treatment. It's seriously a spa day on steroids.


Brittany Sade6 Comments